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User Research

To ensure user experience is at the heart of your digital strategy

Stakeholder Interviews

An important part of our discovery process is interviewing the primary stakeholders. These interviews are designed to develop a deep understanding of both the website and also the organisation. We review the aspirations, objectives and requirements for the website. Stakeholders are also a primary source for identifying the different users to be considered.


We organise structured and highly collaborative workshops that explore user needs using a variety of fun and interactive exercises. By refining and organising the outputs of the workshop we are able to develop user experience insights.

  • How could the digital service satisfy existing user needs?
  • How do the users currently satisfy their needs?
  • What services or information do the users associate together?
  • What do the users do after using the digital service?
  • How could the digital service be improved to satisfy user needs?
  • What are the potential barriers?

Card sorting

Card sorting exercises help with the design of the information architecture. Our card sorting sessions involve participants organising topics into categories that make sense to them, and then labelling those categories.  The results are then further tested by users to confirm results or require iteration. Our card sorting techniques include one-to-one, group sessions and remote web based.


Surveys are another useful tool to assess user preferences, attitudes and opinions. Our survey questions are designed to further understand and quantify a number of factors:-

  • Who are the users?
  • What do the users want?
  • Which websites/services do they use?
  • What they own?
  • What they think of your existing services?

Results from user surveys are also used to verify our qualitative research activities such as workshops & interviews.


Our review stage includes studying your existing digital assets, analytics data and conducting a competitor analysis.
User Research
We develop a deep understanding of your users & stakeholders through the use of interviews, workshops, card sorting and surveys.
We analyse user needs and behavior by developing in-depth personas and user journey mapping.