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User Testing

To ensure continual improvement

Laboratory usability testing

For projects that require in-depth testing by a very specific type of user, we organise Usability Lab Tests. Participants are usually asked to perform key tasks to test user journeys, such as opening an account or paying a bill. Lab Tests allow us to collect both qualitative and quantitative feedback in the form of user video, screen recording, verbal feedback and eye movements.

Remote usability testing

Remote usability testing allows us to run tests quickly, more cheaply and in an iterative manner. For most UX research requirements we are able to recruit participants within a day, making remote usability testing perfect for our Agile cycle. We use Tree Testing early in the UX design process to ensure the navigation and information hierarchy is easy to understand for users. For critical landing pages we use Screen Shot Click Testing to test the impact alternative designs have on user behaviour and conversion rates. Remote Usability Testing also allows us to ask a much larger number of users to perform key tasks, with the potential to reveal problems and highlight improvement opportunities.


User Testing
We use both Laboratory and Remote usability testing as part of our UX design process to reveal problems, highlight opportunities and ensure continual improvement.
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Our on-going support is provided by the actual designers and developers of each project. For your general users we are also able to provide a 24 hour help desk.